If you have read the article “Medicare Seeks to Limit Number of Seniors Placed in Hospital Observation Care” and feel you would be extremely upset and financially burdened with having to pay your own extended care benefits out of pocket, perhaps you would like to know about a way to remedy the serious situation.

Do you know there is a great solution to the possibility of losing the Extended Care Benefit of Medicare?

In the past, there was generally only one alternative, long-term care insurance, that’s now becoming more difficult to obtain because the application process is increasingly complex and premiums are high making it unaffordable for most.

Some major long-term care insurance carriers have even exited the business.

So what’s the new alternative? It’s called shortterm care insurance and it’s gaining national recognition and insurance industry popularity for many of the following reasons:

– no fear of not receiving benefits

– very affordable premiums

– the same coverage as LTC insurance

– simpler and quick application process

– shorter waiting periods

If you are not interested in long-term care insurance, considering short-term care insurance is definitely in your best interest to at least take a look and avoid any mishaps!